Pork Belly and Camping - Ianni

Not an item you can find all the time, the belly was sliced about 1/2 thick and unfortunately skinless (Costco). Cooked over a slow fire to render all the fat and basically make a version of  Chicharr√≥nes. Salted at the end for some crackly goodness sticks. Next time I will try different marinates to change it up. It took about 45 min from the moment the strips got into the cast iron skillet. Scrambled a couple of eggs and wrapped each belly strip with a tortilla.

The photo was taken with a Zuiko 80mm zoom lens standing top view and my EM5. LightRoom CC for post processing to white balance and fix the colors, sharpen and crop. Nothing else was needed to it. Oh yeah... a touch of graduated filter on the upper half to balance the image. Some food just looks good on an open fire. I think the flames and the meat browning just are a visual match (of course I have a bias).

We love to camp and being able to make food this way while smelling like goats is one of the main reasons.

Thick Pork Belly on a campfire